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Who we are
Auster Capital is founded by Jennifer Yu with the sponsorship of Rothschild & Co
  • Auster Capital is a private equity manager founded by Jennifer Yu and Rothschild Merchant Bank. Before founding Auster Capital, Ms. Yu was the Chairperson of Rothschild & Co in Greater China
  • In May 2020, we successfully launched Auster Fund I, L.P., our first Cayman Islands Limited Partnership (the "Fund"), with capital commitments from sovereign wealth fund, financial institutions, industry leaders and family offices. The Fund’s final target size is $1 billion
  • We are an independent manager with the objective to deliver solid and steady returns to all our investors
  • We have offices in Shanghai, London and Hong Kong
What we do
Majority or minority investment in European companies, along with strategic and financial investors
  • The Fund primarily invests in businesses in Europe that have an existing or potential China angle to their business and value proposition
    • We focus on the industrial, healthcare, and consumer sectors
  • We make both majority and minority investments
    • For majority investments, we are looking to form a consortium with a private equity partner or Chinese strategic to bring complimentary values to the deal and to diversify risks. We are flexible to stake size and structure
    • For minority transactions, such as recapitalizations or the provision of growth capital, we can invest alone as long as the existing shareholding structure is institutionalized. We can provide value by helping the company on its China business and provide partial liquidity to existing shareholders
  • The Fund's target equity check size is between $50M-$150M
  • The Fund also has a capped capital pool to make investment outside of the above core geography and sectors
How we are different
Global resources with China expertise
  • A unique and independent manager backed by a global financial institution and SWF, supported by a strong team that deeply understands cross-border investments and the Chinese market
  • With our strong resources and deep insights of China, we can provide strategic advice and access to help companies build a stronger business in China
    • We aim to become European business owners' trustworthy and value-adding financial partner in China
  • With extensive cross-border M&A experience in the team, Auster Capital can help to add transaction certainty and credibility when partnering with a Chinese strategic investor
  • We are a disciplined investor, yet flexible and agile!
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