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30th June 2020

Press Release: Launch of Auster Fund I L.P.

Auster Capital Limited (“Auster Capital”) – an independent private equity firm with a global mandate to pursue cross-border acquisitions – is pleased to announce the first closing of Auster Fund LP (the “Fund”) in excess of $500 million. Support has been received from a variety of investors including sovereign wealth funds, prominent financial institutions, industrial corporations and family offices. The Fund has a target size of $1 billion.

南风资本有限公司 (“南风资本”)– 一家放眼于全球专注跨境收购的独立私募股权公司– 今天很荣幸的宣布,南风基金一期(“南风基金”)首轮募集了超过5亿美元的资金。主要投资人包括主权财富基金,知名金融机构,实业企业和欧洲著名家族基金等。南风基金的目标规模为10亿美元。

Auster Capitalwas founded by Jennifer Yu, who was previously the Chairperson of Rothschild & Co Global Advisory in Greater China for 16 years where she led the creation of successful partnerships between Chinese and international businesses, including landmark Chinese-European investmentssuch as Geely’s acquisition of Volvo Car, Chem China’s acquisition of Pirelli, Dongfeng Motor’s investment in PSA, and JIC’s acquisition of SGD Pharma. Rothschild & Co – through its Merchant Banking business – owns 30% of the Auster GP, alongside Jennifer Yu as the controlling shareholder.

南风资本由俞丽萍女士创立。俞丽萍女士曾担任罗斯柴尔德恩可公司(“罗斯柴尔德”)全球财务顾问业务的大中华区主席16年,在此期间她成功领导了多家中外企业间的成功合作,包括中欧两地具有里程碑意义的跨境投资,例如吉利收购沃尔沃汽车,中国化工收购倍耐力轮胎,东风汽车对标致雪铁龙PSA的投资以及建投投资对法国SGD 医药玻璃公司的收购。南风资本由俞女士控股,罗斯柴尔德集团通过其投资业务板块持有30%股权。

“We very much appreciate the support from our Chinese and international limited partners especially at this difficult time. This demonstrates their belief in cross-border business opportunities between China and especially Europe, and their trust in our ability to help companies create value by gaining access to the Chinese market for revenue, talent or innovation purposes”, said Jennifer Yu, Founding Partner and Chairperson of Auster Capital. “Having worked at Rothschild & Co for so many years, I am very excited to have the firm as a partner in this initiative.”

“我们非常感谢中外投资人对南风基金的支持,特别是在这段特殊时期里支持南风基金扬帆启航,这也体现了投资人对跨境投资,尤其是对中欧跨境商业机会的信心,以及投资人认可南风基金有能力帮助有价值的海外公司进入中国市场并在营收、人才资源和技术创新上实现价值提升”,南风资本创始合伙人及董事长俞丽萍女士表示。 “我在罗斯柴尔德公司工作了多年,也很高兴能够和他们在南风资本的平台上继续合作。

With a core focus in the industrial manufacturing, consumer and healthcare sectors, Auster’s investment strategy is to invest in European businesses that either (i) plan to benefit from Chinese growth potential, or (ii) expect to be part of inbound or outbound Chinese M&A. The Fund will partner with other private equity sponsors or strategics with value-adding skill sets, and have a flexible approach with the ability to make both majority and minority investments.


Auster intends to target equity tickets of $50 million to $200 million with the ability to commit larger amounts in conjunction with the Fund’s limited partners. The Auster team is located across three offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and London.


Marc-Oliver Laurent, Managing Partner of Rothschild & Co and Executive Chairman of Rothschild & Co’s Merchant Banking business commented: “We are delighted to partner with Auster which has a strategy to unlock the full potential of European businesses with respect to their growth and expansion plans into China. Having built our own successful Merchant Banking business in Europe and the US, we believe there is great synergy between our investment franchise and Auster.”

罗斯柴尔德集团的全球执行合伙人兼投资业务执行主席马克奥利维洛朗先生(Marc-Oliver Laurent)表示:“我很高兴可以和南风资本合作,旨在协助欧洲企业在中国市场释放增长扩张潜力。罗斯柴尔德集团已经在欧洲和美国成功创立了投资业务,我相信这些投资业务将和南风资本产生巨大的协同效应。”

Contact for Auster:

Shanghai 上海: Michael Xu 许雷
  Benny Kong 孔庆伟
London 伦敦: Tobias Habbig
Shanghai 上海: Michael Xu 许雷
  Benny Kong 孔庆伟
London 伦敦: Tobias Habbig

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